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If there's one thing hardcore campers know, it's that you can't ever count on having a signal. Moonlight saves the day with your favorite lists, recipes or your entire trip viewable offline no matter what.

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Your Mobile Backpack

Stuff your bag with everything you'll need to make your next camping trip one you won't soon forget.

This backpack represents present past and future trips. It's also the place where you can locate all the details to your trip or better yet, schedule a new one.

Use it to find a friend in your phone book or a campground. Either way you'll find what you're looking for.

Even the greatest explorers have taken a page from Hansel and Gretel. Find the greatest trails, leave clues and tips for the next camper and be social all within the Moonlight App.

It's always a good thing to spread the love. Favorite the best activities, recipes, tips and ghost stories.

Wait, so you've never seen a phonebook? Dang millennials. Use this to access your contacts that live on that thing in your pocket called a "mobile Phone"

The trip begins and ends here. Set or change your dates and times to keep your trip on schedule.

Use this Icon to set the site number.

Tells you what Campground you'll be visiting

This allows you to register a new account. Hey the more the merrier.

Find, add and save your favorite meals here. Not sure what the menu should be? Let us help. Utensils optional.

Be it swimming, biking or hiking. We've got the activities for you. Find games, sports and more every time you see the two toned biker.

Tells you the where. It's not a GPS tracked device so don't use it as an electric compass. You're welcome.

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